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POS – Retail Solutions


These 5 short years since we started, have been so exciting at MoreFun, it seems like we have been in the business of POS Payment Terminals forever. As of Dec 2019 we had shipped over 14 million terminals cumulatively, 6 million in 2019 alone; catapulting us into the league of the world’s 10 largest payment terminal manufacturers.

We are now proud to unveil our next set of products for traditional and omnichannel retail. They include:

1. Dual Screen Android Terminal (2×10.1″) or (1×15.6″+1×10.1) to run POS applications for customer engagement, ordering, billing at convenience stores, booking counters, supermarkets, quick service restaurants etc.

2. Single Screen Android Terminals (10.1′ or 15.6″) with an integrated, EMV, PCI certified POS terminal, ideal for convenience stores, supermarkets, quick service restaurants etc.

3. Mini Cash Register (3.5″ dynamic QR display or flatbed scanner) bundled with NFC for mobile payments. Ideal for stalls and micro businesses.

4. Handheld / Flatbed 1D/2D POS Scanner for retailers

All our innovative, reliable products are backed up by our “best in industry” services to help our partners gain competitive advantage by “getting-to-market” in the shortest possible timeframe.