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MoreFun POS10Q – Universal Payment Terminal

By Aubrey Corda, Published 13th April 2020

If you are looking for a versatile terminal that can address the requirements of in-store merchant payments, agency banking, logistics, transportation, etc.; look no further than MoreFun’s POS10Q. It has a powerful processor and abundant memory to support payments as well as integrate with interdependent applications like Point of Sale Billing, Delivery Logistics, Core Banking, Fare Collection etc.

The POS10Q has a 5″ display, 2GB RAM, 16GB flash, front and rear cameras, printer, Android 8.0 etc. It’s ruggedized build makes it eminently suitable for use in-store or on-the-go; eg. logistics and public transport fares. Additionally, the POS10Q, has options that can further enhance its power and capability for a variety of #industry #verticals:

#Retail: Fast 1D/2D scanner #Banking: Biometric fingerprint scanner #Logistics: Larger battery #Transport: Larger battery

Should it be of interest for your requirements or if you are interested in partnering with MoreFun; get in touch with the form below