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Leveraging QR Codes for Payments

By Aubrey Corda, Published 13th June 2020

Over the last decade we have seen a rapid increase in the use of QR Codes for Payments. China, followed by India have been the largest adopters and in recent years. With AliPay and WeChatPay going global the sight of QR Codes on the cashiers desk is an almost ubiquitous sight across the globe. Post demonetization in 2016, India has seen accelerated adoption of QR Codes for merchant payments.

With the rise of Fintechs seeking to innovate and make payments seamless and frictionless for both merchant and payer, the QR Code too has evolved from being just a printed card on which a merchant is uniquely identified to electronic forms leveraging dynamic Displays, NFC Tags and Tone/Sound. The advantage of dynamic QR Codes manifested electronically through Display, NFC or Tone is the ability to pack other information like amount, relevant to the merchant and/or payer to implement a superior payment experience.

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