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Collaborating To Support Development, Integration and Certification

By Aubrey Corda | July 14, 2020

MoreFun partners are our co-creators & co-innovators. We therefore work very hard to ensure our partners are successful; because, our partners use our terminals and SDKs to create compelling, nextgen, digital payment experiences at the retail point of sale, agency banking service point, as well as for transportation and delivery/logistics use cases. Let me briefly describe how we do this.

1. Open Software: Yes, that is our philosophy “open and simple”. We give our partners access to our functionally rich, well documented SDKs (Software Development Kits) and are constantly adding new features and functions based on feedback received. We always keep our communication lines open to understand partner requirements and add new functionality to our SDKs.

2. Accessible Expertise: Our partners have direct access to our engineers in Research and Software Development who guide and support the teams on a near real-time basis as they develop, test, integrate and certify applications to work on our terminals.

3. Product Range: MoreFun partners have access to an array of products to choose from that address the needs of micro, small, medium and large/enterprise merchants, banking agents, delivery/collection agents. Our product range includes Static/Dynamic QR code and EMV Certified Terminals. In order to meet the ever-changing and growing needs of our partners we also support a variety of optional add-ons, including barcode scanners, fingerprint scanners, cameras for facial recognition etc.

4. Trusted Partner: MoreFun is one of the fastest-growing, profitable; payment terminal manufacturer having delivered over 14 million terminals in just 5 years! We wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have without our partners.